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Perfect skin is firm, moist, free of blemishes, and has good elasticity. The pores should small, and there should be no blackheads or pimples. The pigmentation is even and without any discoloration. Such a skin, however, seldom exists in real life. At MK Laser Clinic, our job is to recommend and provide the right treatments, so that your skin can achieve a healthier state and show off the radiant glow of beauty.

Treatments on the face are vital in enhancing one's physical appearance because first impressions are mostly based on the face. MK Laser Clinic specializes in treating the following skin conditions on face:

  • Adult acne: acne breakouts happen after puberty that caused by hormonal changes or other factors.

  • Actinic aging: skin damage or condition caused by sun exposure.

  • Blemishes on the face: small marks on the face caused by oil-clogged pores, stress, or changes in hormonal fluctuations.

  • Dehydration disorders: lack of water caused by the environment, medications, topical agents, aging, or dehydrating drinks like coffee and alcohol.

  • Pigmentation disorder (Hyperpigmentation): brown, discoloration from melanin production due to sun or irritation.

  • Rosacea: a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands that are appearing in the middle of the face.

  • Eczema: an inflammation of the skin, acute or chronic in nature, that may have many forms of dry or moist lesions.  

To offer treatments with no downtime, minimal pain, and proof of efficacy, we are continuously conducting research and studies to create treatments, which generate better results and cause no pain by combining different procedures and technology in tandem.

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